Abdil ibn Sharif

Eshu Count of the Bridges


Since the establishment of the Duchy of Gulping Bay after the Resurgence the Count of Bridges has served to guard the borders and the means of travel in and out of the region, both magical and mundane. Abdil was elevated to this title three years ago after several years of service as a Knight of the Bridge and the disappearance of the previous Count on a venture into the Dreaming.

Abdil’s appointment has proven controversial, as several prominent nobles in the Kingdom of Apples objected to his elevation to such a lofty title without ever having administered a demesne. Duke Caol’s counterargument is that the title is not landed and functions in direct service to all the residents of the duchy and the Kingdom as a whole. Abdil has wisely remained uninvolved in the political flap and continued to focus on his security duties and coordinating the actions of the knights.

Charming and quick to smile, and never without a gracious comment Abdil is well-liked but little known as his duties keep him occupied and often away; Abdil comes and goes from Boston frequently and could be found anywhere in the duchy, the Fiefs of Bright Paradise or elsewhere. Few know how to contact him directly, but security concerns can be brought to his factotum and Reeve, Bismuth Torte, and will be quickly addressed by the ’Bridgers if necessary. His Seneschal Deannara largely sees to political and social obligations as well as coordinating with the local courts and councils. Either one or the other tend to be about the freehold most of the time.

Popular rumor states that he and the ’Bridgers have access to a network of trods that let them flit across the duchy at will. If nothing else he would be happy to have you think so.

Abdil ibn Sharif

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