Ailith Trueheart lin Dougal

Viscountess of the Proud City


Some crass kithain say that Ailith must be cursed, the polite ones just think it.

Orphaned at 6 in a car crash that killed her parents and took both of her legs off below the knee she went into institutional care. When she experienced her chrysalis while recovering at Boston Children’s Hospital it was the quick actions of Mr. Dovecote that saved her from an immediate trip to a psychiatric ward. It took the intervention of Countess Rianna adopting Ailith in order to save her from years of staying in the system and being ground down by banality. Though the adoption was successful there was time and struggle before it was finalized and almost a year’s worth of an unpleasant stay in the orphanage.

Being fostered by the countess was a wonderful experience as Ailith was given freedom to explore what fascinated her and exposure to the escape she had desperately wanted; the countess even managed to get Ailith involved in a prosthetics study with MIT and gave her back her legs. Ailith immediately decided she wanted to learn how to make medical devices to help the disabled so Rianna got her into an engineering and science charter school and made arrangements with several of the local Nockers to begin her education early. The Duke even took time to personally work with her once a season. On her last name-day Rianna even announced that she was designating Ailith as heir to the County!

Rianna was the best big sister a young Lady could ever hope for, and then she disappeared last October with no clue as to why or where she went…

Since last Samhain and the countess’ disappearance Ailith has tried to keep going the way she knows Rianna would expect her to, and she tries to keep at her lessons the way Mr. Mamp wants her to, and she knows that she needs to do a good job at court and be kind and gracious and smart and just and perfect the way everyone demands her to be, but she’s only 11, and it’s hard to do all that when no one even takes her seriously yet…

Some of her vassals and commons seem to get that at least, and Barons Thierry and Ryman are so good to have around with their chivalry and valor. Her own knight, Ser Selwyn could learn a thing or two from them and not be so serious all the time. Doesn’t he know that’s so banal?

Being a fairy princess is awesome and all, but sometimes it kinda sucks too.

Ailith Trueheart lin Dougal

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