Allisoun Lethe

Herald to the Duke and social luminary.


Lady Allisoun has served as the Herald of Duke Caol since shortly after her Chrysalis two years ago. Although originally in Boston as a student, she has remained here since her graduation in 2010 to continue her duties with the court and take advantage of the connections she built with Boston’s mortal and kithain elite.

Alli has done much to modernize the image of the Duke’s court and the presentation of the duchy to outsiders and residents alike. Her collaboration with the Nockers of WyrdScience led to the creation of a chimerical website and community resource and she’s spearheaded more dialogue between the upper nobility and local commons to liase with their representatives at the Parliament of Dreams. Kithain of almost any political persuasion will agree that she’s been integral in helping settle down much of the unrest that has lingered since the time of High King David’s disappearance a few years back. For a Sidhe in the usually anti-nobility Boston area she is surprisingly well-regarded by the commons.

Even with those accomplishments Alli is most known to kithain and mortal residents alike for her own frenetic activity and somewhat wild personal behavior when not on duty. She’s easiest to find at clubs and concerts, and invites to her own after-hours events are highly sought after. She supports herself primarily through club promotion and work as a personal stylist for a few very high-end clients, which keeps her in touch with all the best gossip and a few important numbers on her iphone. Alli herself is also prone to inspiring crushes and breaking hearts as she’s gorgeous, even for a Sidhe – without Sovereign telling you otherwise it’s hard not to stare when she’s in the room.

One very important note – her official business hours do not start until 1 PM and she’s not likely to answer a phone call before then.

Allisoun Lethe

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