America Tranh

Nocker futurist and technobabbler


America (Amy if you’re mundy, Trans-Am if you’re a friend, or Tranny if you want a golem to kick your teeth in) is rarely seen outside of the lab and when she does come up for air it’s usually at the Miracle of Science with her WyrdScience cohorts. Most non-technical folks are hard-pressed to keep up with the constant chatter of technical jargon about quantum mechanics or her own theories about the fundamental nature of glamour and subatomic particles (both are only there if you believe enough to look for them and both are essentially fickle). Someone so unapologetically modernist is a rough fit at best for most kithain company, but she gets does manage to get some glamour out of the students and scientists she works with.

Amy is less abrasive than most of her motley-mates and seems too distracted by what she’s got going on in her head to remember to be unpleasant. Either that or she’s just insulting everyone somewhere in her talk about monads and they’re too stupid to see it…


America Tranh

A Turning Wheel Thantastic