Female Sluagh Reeve of Baron Ryman


With the demands of time and attention that Baron Ryman and Grommust devote to dealing with threats from chimera, autumn people and the occasional court formality there is precious little left to see to the less pressing aspects of governing a fief, and Anastasia has been instrumental in keeping things humming along while her lord is off slaying monsters and keeping Boston safe for the average fae. Ryman does not suffer fools or incompetents lightly, and her continued service to him is a testament to her efficacy.

Residents of the Barony of Beacon Hill can always find her hosting tea at the freehold on Thursday afternoons and evenings, and she spends at least one other full day each week checking in on some of the area’s dreamers and residents at risk of losing themselves. Otherwise she helps see that bills get paid and the mundy authorities aren’t posing any problems for the barony’s residents.


A Turning Wheel Thantastic