Andrikos Kalon

Owner of Casiliero del fauno and charming gadfly


In an area rife with lazy nights at the bar and cozy company Casiliero del Fauno stands out as one of the favorite local haunts in the North End, for the atmosphere of friendly conspiracy as much as for the food. Kithain guests know about the walkup in back and the little common room with the copper bar where Andrikos likes to while away his nights.

Though significantly calmer than in his hectic youth, Andrikos is still a master host and evenings at the Faun are filled with frank conversation and fond reminisces. In a city filled predominantly with wilders this is the place the grumps come to congregate; no topic is forbidden and the Faun is site to much of the realpolitik for the Boston area. By unspoken accord it’s become neutral ground, and folks have enough respect for the old goat that they check their grudges as the door.

Andrikos Kalon

A Turning Wheel Thantastic