Female Piskie acting as Reeve for Baroness Girta


Bell is happy with the very informal position she has with Baroness Gerta because it consists mostly of her hanging out in the freehold cutting hair and chatting with the locals who come in to express this that or the other so Gerta can focus on her passion of search and rescue for those that have lost themselves or patrolling the rather large fief, which everybody is in favor of. Since Bell allows plenty of opportunities for locals to come in and blow off steam the official court sessions for Bywater are usually brief and genial. That Bell is also a great hairstylist and better conversationalist has made it a very good arrangement for all involved (especially Bell, who was sick of being in salons all the time to make a living).

When not cutting hair Bell tends to spend time hanging out with the local burners and circus kids and has gotten into spinning poi and firebreathing. She got the performing bug early with her fostering by Mr. Dovecote and lately she’s started doing shows with him at the Children’s Hospital and Children’s Museum. Between the two of them they can do some very complex tricks, and she enjoys having a chance to work with him as an equal. (It is not recommended that you sit down to a hand of cards with either of them, and god help you if it’s both together.)


A Turning Wheel Thantastic