Bethany Cubble

Locovore, butcher and the coolest Boggan in Boston


“I’ve always loved food that everyone else thought was weird, ever since I was a little kid,” says chef and co-owner Bethany Cubble of Charc “things like liverwurst sandwiches and haggis and beets. I drove my parents nuts because I never wanted the PB&J sandwich, so eventually they broke down and started taking me to all the ethnic markets and we would work together to make something new once a week just to get me to eat the other days.” Here she splits a smile from ear to ear and starts laughing. “By the time I was 13 it was up to 3 days a week and I was the one making most of the food…I think they ate nothing but pizza and takeout for a month when I finally went off to school.”

After your first visit here – whether you like some of the “weird” items or more traditional fare – you’ll wish you were able to have Bethany make your dinner three nights a week.
- Excerpt from Improper Bostonian’s “Best of Boston ’11” interview with Bethany Cubble and Samuel Worth.

Bethany met Binger at le Cordon Bleu and the two became fast friends over their love of traditional butchery. After graduating they took the risky step of diving right in and opening a restaurant in a small space in Inman Square. After a year of very hard work they’re riding high on their first Best of Boston award for Best New Restaurant, a busy list of new projects and some financial success.

Beth is very focused when in the kitchen and people are sometimes surprised at the difference between her bubbly demeanor outside and the quiet, intense one within. She gets the same fierceness when confronting any rumor-mongering or prejudice against Binger, and more than one kithain has been roundly chewed out for doing so in her presence.

Bethany Cubble

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