Billy Crakehall

Male Boggan serving as Reeve for the County of the Proud City


Oh so much has been going on…what’s a poor boggan to do?

Well, since Countess Rianna last Samhain Mr. Mamp has certainly done a fine job, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a lot to do, running a County and all. Seeing to the proper education of young Viscountess Trueheart is a job in and of itself, let alone on top of everything else. It’s no wonder that there’s stress ‘round the house – not that you heard anything from me, mind – between Mr. Mamp and Ser Selwyn over how some things is being handled. Of course they’re nought but gentlemen about it, but you know that Ser has some opinions on the “role of the commons” as he’s wont to say…

Listen to me ramble, though, you’re the one who called about that problem with the real estate taxes. Do tell and I’ll see what’s to be done.

Billy the Hipster Boggan (as it says on his business cards) is a bit of a contradiction. Although he tries to be cool and at least a bit aloof it just falls flat. His “ironic” adaptation of his idea of quaint English countryside speech is funny on rare occasions and never cool. The closest he gets to indie cred is that he is a bit of a wizard when it comes to getting even the most disastrous of used/vintage clothing finds back into wearable shape. In fact, if he isn’t doing something about the house at Caer Overlook he’s usually bumming around Allston or hanging out at Ill Will bothering Malice.

For all his silly affect, Billy has learned a lot from watching Mamp and does a good job as reeve for the viscountess, and many residents are happy to see his smile on the other end of a Face Time session.


Billy Crakehall

A Turning Wheel Thantastic