Redcap food blogger, chef and resteraunteur


A graduate of le Cordon Bleu in Cambridge, rising star in the Boston foodie scene and one of the chef-owners of Charc, Binger is not the typical redcap. His passion and joy for eating is sublime and infectious, though some still point to his focus on butchery and charcuterie as a reminder of the darker nature of his kith. Despite the trepidation of a few regarding his kith’s proclivities and some of the more unusual offerings on the menu at Charc Binger is well-regarded by most of the local kithain. That he’s been in business with Bethany Cubble for over a year and she hasn’t voiced any concerns is more than enough for most to accept him as the seelie exception he seems to be (though everyone seems to avoid complimenting him on his nice red apron).

One group that will now and forever give him a hard time is other redcaps. His more traditional kithmates are prone to give him shit about his affect and pursuits, but things have reached an uneasy detente after a little incident involving a 10" chef’s knife and it’s positional relationship to Cheeseburger’s “sweetmeats” a few weeks ago.

Binger is at Charc. at least 5 days a week, but with the amount of work he does there he’s still quite difficult to get in touch with. When he isn’t at the restaurant he can either be found at one of the local markets or – on Saturday afternoons – running a cooking and nutrition class for at-risk kids in Roxbury that he set up with Suhaili.


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