Breaccan Fife

Roisin's loving husband and entertainment manager at the Inn Betweener


Breaccan grew up in the ancestral home of the Emerald Isle, but after he met Roisin when she was touring Ireland they fell in love, got married and Breaccan moved to Boston to join “his darling Rosie” at the Inn Betweener. Shortly after their marriage Roisin became pregnant and gave birth to twins – Mairi and MEdb – and Breaccan has been a good husband and proud father since.

A lover of traditional Irish music since his youth, Breaccan brought his connections with various musicians with him to the Inn Betweener and despite its small size the Inn has become a staple part of a trip through the states for many groups. Breaccan also built up the long-standing trad music session nights from their devoted core of a few dozen patrons to a die-hard stable of over 20 musicians and close to 100 regulars. He himself is no slouch when it comes to singing or playing the whistle.

Breaccan Fife

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