All purpose rebel


Briar underwent her chrysalis two years ago and – once she finished her fostering with Tyador Birch – she figured she knew enough and had enough talents to get by on her own so she ran away from home. She’s been couch-surfing through Allston and Roxbury for about a year now.

Briar is much more vehement and publicly opinionated than people expect a Sluagh to be, and she hasn’t made many friends among her kith with her constant pointless breaches of their byzantine etiquette; Tyador is assumed to be very upset about this, but given his own sterling reputation for propriety he’s never said a word to that effect to anyone. Briar rails against the way things are seemingly for the sake of the protest itself, but lately she’s been spending more time listening to Silas Cruikshank and Ulfrich Stormont and her political opinions seem to be crystallizing around anti-monarchist sentiments but how seelie or unseelie they will be is yet unclear.

The only fae she regularly spends time with are the other Sour Patch Kids, Malice and Murkling. She works about 15 hours a week at Ill Will to help cover her necessities, but otherwise she could turn up almost anywhere.


A Turning Wheel Thantastic