Brittle Meg

Probably not even real...


Even the fae have their stories to scare each other into good behavior, and Brittle Meg is one of those. The Sluagh in the Kingdom of Apples tell of one of their number who still keeps to old ways and takes particular delight in punishing wicked children who get too nosy – including Sluagh who pry too deeply into doings of their kithmates. YOu can tell it’s her coming for you because her bones are so old and still they crack and pop awfully as she twists and ambles towards you.

Some of those stories even say she lives in the tunnels and tombs that Lovecraft was so found of in around the old back streets of Boston, and that there’s a reason he wrote so teasingly of “blasphemous lore”…and a reason he died young as well. These are all stories, though, and silly and old stories at that. No reason to be concerned about whispers in the dark to scare the childlings at High Tea.

Sluagh still talk of her today, and it is a sure sign not to press a question when someone says they’ll “have to ask Brittle Meg.” With many of that kith long favoring the early cities of New England and feeding the fears of dreamers beneath gambrel roofs and moaning farmhouses it has slowly crept into casual use by other local kithain.


Brittle Meg

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