Caol ap Dougal

Duke of Gulping Bay


The Duchy of Gulping Bay devolved to Caol after the passing of the previous duke in 1983. In the decades since Caol has governed wisely and well, even keeping the fractious residents of Boston more or less satisfied with his rule. Caol is politically savvy enough to keep his nobles in line, and the favor he enjoyed with Queen Mab during her reign also served him well.

Caol is quite old for a Sidhe and deep into his grumphood. He has been careful to balance his fae and mundane pursuits so as to avoid bedlam, but still holds a strong sense of his fae self. He is near the end of his reign, though, and knows it; much of his time and energy is currently devoted to the delicate task of helping select and prepare someone to succeed him.

It is known that Caol has mastered the Sovereign Art, and that aside from his ducal arms and standards he also possesses several treasures he himself crafted.

Caol ap Dougal

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