Male Redcap; he wants your lunch money.


There’s a subtle distinction between the Redcaps that eat anything and those that eat everything, and Cheeseburger doesn’t believe in subtlety. Suffice to say that he is one of the vanishingly few redcaps that is actually fat…really morbidly obese. If you go into any local restaurant that has some type of eating challenge, Cheeseburger’s picture is somewhere on the wall and usually in the top spot.

Although easy to dismiss him as a humorous grotesque, more than one person has seen him devour chimera, take a bite out of folks in a scrap and – on one memorable occassion in 2004 – a chunk out of the riot shield of one of Boston’s finest. His teeth, browned and cracked though they are, are worn from constant use and there are persistent rumors that he ate a boggan childling a few Samhains past.

Cheesey isn’t the brightest and tends to do whatever Grimace or Poxy tell him to as they’re the only people he hangs out with regularly. (Smiler doesn’t like putting up with him and isn’t always in town anyway) As Grimace tends to bully him more or less constantly Cheesey is usually tries to pass on the bullying to others and can be a real prick. Most kithain are content to leave the pit rats be and not have to deal with it, but chances are if there’s free food at a party Cheesey will try to crash it if he knows about it.



A Turning Wheel Thantastic