Dominic Honeytongue

Bard to the Duke


A wilder only aware of his fae nature for two years, Dominic has made his mark in a short time. Possessed of a great awareness of his past lives and a wisdom rare even in many grumps he quickly came to the attention of Duke Caol. Last year at Pennons he won the laurels in the oration, riddle and performance contests, and the Duke extended the invitation to serve at the awarding of champions.

Dominic is maudlin for a satyr, and more like to sing of love lost for noble purpose or share a tale of foolish pride than he is a drinking song. He enjoys a good party and at least a few pretty young things will swear up and down they’ve had a tumble with him, but Dominic himself never brags.

Dominic Honeytongue

A Turning Wheel Thantastic