Gavin Hawthorne

Artisan and sometimes general contractor


Hawthorne Customs is a successful boutique woodcraft company that specializes in restoration of historic homes and also serves as a sales outlet for the art pieces and one-off creations of its owner Gavin. With the large amount of historic housing stock in Boston and the affluence of the people who live in much of it Gavin has turned his passion and craft into a successful business venture. He’s one of the most financially well-off kithain in the city and he’s usually quick to offer some part-time work around the shop to other fae in need of some cash.

He himself lives in a gorgeous victorian in JP that he’s worked to restore over the past 5 years, but he did convert what used to be the carriage house into his personal studio space. Visitors can sometimes get a sneak peek at some of his pieces in process.

Since Suhaili became mayor of the burgh and things have taken a more positive direction he’s offered to host several town-hall style get togethers at his place and has started taking a more active role in politics.

Gavin Hawthorne

A Turning Wheel Thantastic