Gerta Jotunsbane ap Gwydion

Baroness of Bywater


A staunch traditionalist and supporter of the monarchy Gerta is unusual for the area. Some of her constituents disagree with her politics, but Bywater is such a spread out fief and Gerta is so busy between her mortal job and nigh-constant efforts to patrol and protect her demesne that it’s easy for individuals to avoid interacting with her. Gerta is hardly unobservant and made a wise choice in Bellflower as a reeve; the reisdetns of Bywater are welcome to swing by the freehold for a chat and a cut and Bell keeps Gerta well-informed of all the gossip and goings-on.

Surprisingly Gerta has had one or two rocky periods with the ’Bridgers for real or perceived trespass on her authority in Bywater. Nothing official has come of these spats, but the Knights do act with impunity at times and a Troll sworn into House Gwydion is doubly likely to find offense where her realm is concerned.

Gerta Jotunsbane ap Gwydion

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