Grom Hoelbrak

Male Troll serving as Thane to Baron Ryman


More of a bully and a thug in the early part of his wilderhood, Grom came to BC on a football scholarship and strutted about as king of the hill until an awful hip injury ended his career. Forced with months of convalescence, the loss of his scholarship and being divorced from the glamour he got as a star player he got angrier and angrier. A chance meeting with Olisander Wyrmharrow one drunken Saturday night left Grom back in the hospital and with the realization that there were others out there bigger and badder than he was, and that his current behavior wasn’t going to get him anywhere.

In the few years since Grom has cleaned up his act and stopped picking fights. Lord Ryman approached him to help put his talent for violence to good use and gave him an outlet for his aggression via culling rogue chimera and putting down rowdy fae. There’s honesty in the relationship between the two of them, and respect has grown up around it. (Those who have seen the two of them fight together say that piles of ruined chimera tend to grow around them as well.)

Grom is still unapologetically unseelie and his only expressed political opinion is that being unseelie is just how some fae are and others need to stop villifying it. His philosophical bedfellows on the court issue are however often left frustrated that he is absolutely fine with the broader monarchial political situation and actively supports a seelie Ailil sidhe.

Grom Hoelbrak

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