Hot Fuss

Female Nocker hacker, Knight of the Bridge


Up here bright eyes.

And no, I’m not telling if they’ve got spirals on’em too, titmouse.

So this is the unsanitized version ‘cuz I’m the one coding this burfing pile; childlings and the easily offended should avert their precious eyes. (NOT BACK THERE YOU PERVS – jaysus, not everything on the net is pr0n)

I’m good at maths, computers, and all the sordid “banal, modern” stuff that most of the grumpuses and ka-nockers can’t grok, and I just so happen to spend most of my time protecting you lot from scary, scary things that live on the internets. People dream in glass and silicon now, and there are plenty of nightmares out in the wild wild web that you don’t deal with ’cuz I do for you.

If you can wipe all the medieval cuck out of your eyes and want to legit engage with this stuff lemme know; I might just be accepting applications for a dedicated squire to feed my mouse and take home to show to motherboard. If you don’t totally suck ass and think you can outdrink, outsmoke or outshoot me, hit me up and maybe we can kick sometime. If you’re feeling suicidal and want to demonstrate why you should have been aborted at 5 and saved us all the trouble, feel free to embarass yourself against me in StarCraft.

Otherwise fuck off.

Hot Fuss

A Turning Wheel Thantastic