Kaelin Granforge ap Fiona

Knight-errant questing to find the missing Countess


A wilder knight still hungry to make a name for herself, Kaelin was a ready blade in service to Rianna Fearclas ap Eiluned and often went out of her way to claim the most dangerous jobs or those requiring pursuit of someone or something. Moreover, the young knight made a great show of ardently pursuing her lady the countess with all the pageantry and drama of courtly romance. Rianna, ever composed, played her part perfectly, and none can truly say how much of the rejection and subtle encouragement was real or playacting.

Three days after Rianna’s disappearance she swore that she would find her if she yet lived and swore the Oath of the Long Road in court. Some snickered that this was merely some stunt on the countess’ part to well and truly show Kaelin that she cared not for her advances, but as the days passed the jokes became earnest worries. Since interviewing other members of the court and certain locals played out to little effect, Kaelin has spent the past several months traveling throughout the Kingdom of Apples playing out her leads and following up on even slight hints of enmity or omen. She recently left for the Duchy of Steel to ask after Rianna’s mentor.

Kaelin Granforge ap Fiona

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