Kieran Selkirk

Rescue diver and environmental activist


Kieran grew up in Nova Scotia, but wanted to live out his wilderhood somewhere a bit more lively and so packed his bags and moved down on his 18th birthday. Given his fae nature he’s always been a natural in the water and had about every non-professional diving certification available, so he found work first with the port, then doing SCUBA and dive instruction and recently got his licensing as a rescue and search diver and started working with the state police. His work hours are irregular with the police, though, and he takes contract work with Environment Massachusetts and the EPA for Charles River and Boston Harbor cleanup and research efforts.

He’s most often found partying with other wilders in the Barony of the Fens, but usually makes it out to a trad music night once every week or three and so can be seen with some of the Clurichaun in Southie. He has a good voice and knows plenty of good songs and so is always welcome, but the only one of his friends he regularly hangs out with at a session is Paddy.

Kieran is a bit of a hot commodity with the ladies and has had his share of dalliances, but he always says the sea is his wife and she’s a bitch when she’s angry so he doesn’t want to cheat on her. Satyrs in particular laugh at this and are prone to test his fidelity.

Kieran Selkirk

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