Emocore hipster gothtart Sluagh


Malice – yes that’s her real name, she had it changed and everything – is the manager of Ill Will in Allston. A disaffected wilder that showed up in Boston in 2008 she’s never really bothered much with other kithain, but does frequently bump into others at clubs and bars. Sometimes she’ll show up at MAP House parties, and on those rare occasions when she goes to court she shows up in Beacon Hill even though she technically lives in the Fens.

She won a bit of notoriety in the local scene through getting a slim volume of poetry published and being legendarily hard-to-get, a rarity in the rather loose indie kid crowd. Otherwise she’s had a pretty low-intensity wilderhood and has self-selected to be on the periphery of the local kithain community.

She’s part of a motley of wilder Sluagh that go by the Sour Patch Kids. They don’t really seem to do much other than hang out with each other and make snarky comments about others at parties.


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