Meme Always

Seer and respected elder


No matter how bad things get in the headlines, one street in Roxbury is always safer and quieter than all the rest, because everybody knows that Meme Always knows what happens near her home, and you don’t want Meme to get upset with you. It doesn’t go well for anyone. Things are much the same for the fae – if you’re on her good side things are good, if she’s upset at you it’s best to find a way to make amends quickly.

Meme Always is old…no one knows how old, but she’s been old as long as anybody can remember. She’s put her time to good use as a student of the Arts, and is known to be a clear-eyed seer. Her stories are like an Art unto themselves, and much wisdom can be learned for those with ears open to hearing them. Others wishing to ask her questions or to gain blessings or insight on a venture they’re undertaking should approach her with gifts and respect until they’re invited to make a request of her; she is prickly about her craft and will give it away but never sell it.

Although she could certainly command great influence if she chose, she’s not been active in area politics since the Accordance Wars. Oddly enough, though, everyone that she’s bothered to vote for for mayor has won.

Meme Always

A Turning Wheel Thantastic