Morris Eildelman

Mad scientist and official genius behind WyrdScience


Even before his chrysalis, Morris was a whiz with machinery and could get the most marvelous cooperation from equipment doing things it was never designed to do. Since awakening to his fae nature he’s found a welcome home in the robotics program at MIT, where he is currently finishing up his PhD.

In his time at the school he’s banded together with other Nockers to form WyrdScience and the lot of them were fairly integral to the years-long effort of dozens of fae to create a chimerical substrate to the internet and formalize a process to create purely chimerical websites and programs. (Webmaster’s note: Like this one, so it’s best to remember that when you run into him at a bar. He likes dark beers and to not be bothered. Oh yeah, I did a bunch of that too, but I prefer whiskey. -HF)

Morris is something of an evil genius when it comes to robotics and similar, whether real or chimerical. He’s been the undefeated winner for 3 years running in the 3 year-old tradition of “Clockwork and mechanical chimera lists” at Pennons. Whether or not that’ll continue this year is a subject of hot debate and no small betting. He’s the one who gave the Duke the mechanical horse last year. Yeah, he’s that Nocker savant.

Close to grumpdom but entirely unwilling to admit it, Morris doesn’t find any jokes about his being an old man very funny, and you should avoid pissing off a guy that literally has a garage full of killer robots.

Morris Eildelman

A Turning Wheel Thantastic