Mr. Dovecote

Magician extraordinaire: master of illusion, wonderment and turning into a bird.


Mr. Dovecote looks to be a slightly plump fellow with a propensity to stare intently and wear gray suits, but that is only what he wishes you to perceive! In truth he is a majestic snow-white dove, pure and glorious in this sick sad world.

Cody – as he is commonly known – has taken upon himself the dangerous job of performing for kids at the Boston Children’s Hospital, which presents many risks of banality from autumn people and nervosa chimera from sick and disturbed patients. He’s been a godsend to more than one kithain who has had to spend time there for treatment and a few wilders still have soft spots for him for some previous stay. Now that he’s into grumpdom he doesn’t get out to the hospital as often, but still keeps a full schedule at the Children’s Museum and private parties.

Lately his former fledge Bellflower has joined him for a few shows at the hospital. She’s even convinced him to come out to a few events with her friends and has gotten him on stage in two recent burlesque performances. “Payback” as she says “for all the time he made me spend practicing card tricks without using Chicanery”. He suffered through the trial of being surrounded by gorgeous young women in various states of undress with as much stoicism as he could muster, quietly lamenting the cruelty of the young towards the old.

Mr. Dovecote

A Turning Wheel Thantastic