Old Nic

Slightly manky burlesque impresario


Old Nic is the satyr that everyone knows but no one wants to talk about; no may still mean no, but also that he needs to ask again after you try this delicious roofi-tini.

The talker and booking agent for the Bay State Beauties burlesque troupe, Old Nic has contacts throughout the duchy with both club owners and performers and as such has kept himself a (minor, greasy) fixture in the entertainment scene for the past 15 years. Whether from his connections and interesting gossip or the fact that he’s in the middle of a pile of ingenues he’s usually chatted with and invited to parties by other kithain and that seems to be all he cares about.

Just let him know if you want anyone’s number or some party supplies, though, as he’s always happy to help you have a good time.


Old Nic

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