Orson Torly

The funniest guy on the jobsite


To hear Orson tell it, he’s one of the oldest and most potent fae anywhere, as he’s clearly the embodiment of the stout yeoman, working hard and full of earthy wisdom and natural good sense that’s been in every good story for the past 3000 years. Regardless of whether or not you think that’s true he’s a solid guy and always sure to make ’em smile at the construction office.

Those who know Orson well, though, know there’s a darker side to him. Sometimes if you find him in his cups unguarded, he’ll tell you of his certainty of his impending death. He knows, y’see, that he presents the ultimate fulfillment of the dark appetite of Binger, and knows that he and his “murderous strumpet” Bethany won’t be satisfied until they have him hanging from a meathook in the back at Charc

Orson Torly

A Turning Wheel Thantastic