Padruig Ban

The Southie Songbird


Even before his chrysalis Paddy was a wild kid more apt to run and laugh and fight than go to school. His truancy and attitude got even worse after his fae nature fully woke up and he was a terror as a teen. Those parts of him are still there, but after years of effort much subsided. Though still on the Unseelie side, he’s realized that there’s more fun to be had in life if everyone around you isn’t out to tan your hide.

Without much education or discipline life in the mundy was hard on him and he’s more bogged down by banality than most wilders in their early 20s. He’s managed to hold a decent job as a mason for a bit now and supplements his income with the occasional singing gig or standing in with some of the celtic acts in the region. He is a talented singer – the expressive growl that edges into his voice really drives the fighting and drinking songs he and audiences are so fond of – but has never had the discipline to really make much benefit out of it.

Fair warning to anyone hanging out towards the end of the night: Paddy is still a bastard when he’s had a few too many and his friend Kieran is the only one who can keep him in line without throwing at least a punch or two.

Padruig Ban

A Turning Wheel Thantastic