Pendleton Farmer

Pooka fashion plate, personal shopper at Baaaaaarney's


In the cut-throat world of commission sales on expensive clothes, Pendleton is a pirate king. The boy makes bank off his harem of brahmin biddys and spends it all like water; a gorgeous apartment on Comm Ave, parties three nights out of five and a wardrobe that has landed him in the photo pages of the Improper Bostonian and on its best dressed list for the past two years. He’s got some impressive social connections and has managed to make most of them quite forget that they met because he sold them clothes.

Pendleton does have a collection of wicked confessions and awful gossip about all sorts of terribly important people which he would never share (at least with their names attached). How much of it is true and how much is bluster and noise is anyone’s guess, but he is always at the center of conversation with the glitterati at all the best parties.

Pendleton Farmer

A Turning Wheel Thantastic