Rianna Fearclas ap Eiluned

Countess of the Proud City (Currently Missing)


Rianna was ideally suited for Boston, and it for her. When she came to the Museum School to study she quickly involved herself in the affairs of the duchy and was able to press a claim for recognition of her title and become designated heir for the county. In the years between arrival and assuming authority she made good use of her time exploring and discovering the city and its residents (depending on who you ask it will be described alternately as coming to know, slumming with, or tricking them) to win acceptance. She also spent time at the courts of other nobles and winning their support and favor with political maneuvering, dalliances and services rendered. When the county finally devolved to her in 2002 she assumed control smoothly and effectively.

Like most of her house she was skilled in the Arts and used her puissance to help defend the demesne and to help protect the several commoner-held freeholds therein. Any visitor to the Tavern at the End of the World, MAP House or the Fineman Building can thank her for kindling the balefires, and her influence is still remembered through these reminders of her time on the throne.

Although well-regarded for her efficacy in protection and handling of trouble, she was distant and often involved in her own pursuits and so was little loved by her subjects. Aside from dispensing justice, responding to crisis and judging grievances at a bi-weekly court session she was infrequently seen. Shortly after claiming the county she promoted the then-reeve Mamp Cordwainer to her Seneschal and esquired him so that a friendly face would be available to respond to the more frequent interruptions that diverted her attention. She was respected and perhaps feared by a few and things ran smoothly.

In early 2008 Countess Rianna legally adopted a newly-chrysalised young girl, Ailith and took her on as a fledge. (This was viewed as an act of kindness by most residents as it was a difficult and banal process, and so won some grudging admiration) The uncommon tenderness displayed towards Ailith reminded others of the warmer and wilder Rianna that they knew from her years before assuming the county.

All in all, things were going rather well – even with the problem of the Losses in the Financial District – until Samhain of 2010, when Rianna disappeared. Neither note nor whisper of the reason are known thanks to the Samhain Mists, and no word has come since, so at this point she is feared lost or forgotten. Despite this devastating change, Ailith has carried on and Mamp has been appointed regent for the demesne until Ailith reaches wilderhood or Rianna returns.

Three days after her disappearance one of her knights – Kaelin Granforge ap Fiona – set out on a quest to find her. So far, despite her efforts no news of the countess comes, and others have taken up the search as well. The realm continues in some ways as it did before, but the holly hanging over the balefire at Caer Overlook begins to turn brittle and lose its leaves…

Rianna Fearclas ap Eiluned

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