Silas Cruikshank

Organizer and Activist


Where the other antimonarchists shout from the rooftops about ending repression by nobles Silas is happy enough to pass a few quiet words between friends to let you know how he feels and why he hopes you’ll feel the same way. He isn’t known to be part of any radical organizations and appears to be acting on his own to calmly change people’s minds through careful argument. Though less aggressive than some others of his political persuasion he will defend his beliefs passionately.

Despite the seemingly natural alignment of his court and the work Suhaili has done as mayor of Rocky Crossing Silas has actually come out very strongly against her for “ignoring the issue of noble authoritarianism.” At the town halls that Gavin Hawthorne has hosted Silas usually leads the charge in criticizing Suhaili and is already laying the groundwork for his own mayoral bid this year.

Silas Cruikshank

A Turning Wheel Thantastic