Mayor of Rocky Crossing, community organizer and social crusader


In a break from the political norm Suhaili managed to capture the election for mayor of the baronial burgh of Rocky Crossing despite the fact that she’s a wilder and a moderate. A surprising get-out-the-vote effort among the usually apathetic wilders in the area edged her past the previous mayor and for the first time since the 80s Rocky Crossing has someone who’s more concerned with changing the neighborhood for the better and inspiring dreamers than with refighting the Accordance War.

Suahili originally came to Boston to study public policy at MIT, but after working with the Roxbury Community Alliance as part of a partnership project she petitioned for a year leave to put some of her ideas into practice. She’s worked with the RCA to set up an afterschool arts program for teenagers, a cooking and nutrition class she coordinates with Binger and a volunteer community maintenance organization that have all met with success so far. Her actions also allow her to spend a great deal of time cultivating dreamers and her connections to various community charitable organizations have also helped put her in touch with more area kithain. The fact that she believed in her work so much she moved to the area from nicer digs near MIT went a long way to win her affection with mortal and kithain alike.

Suhaili is poised and a very effective speaker. When she talks about her vision for change in the community you can almost see it (not that Talecraft has anything to do with that, of course…). Although the burgh is known for political dissidents and generally unseelie behavior she’s slowly winning over others to her belief that the best way to disprove the validity of the nobility is to prove that everyone working together as a community is more effective and can bring more glamour to the area. There’s buzz that she should be sent to Parliament once her current term is over.


A Turning Wheel Thantastic