The Nike of Fenway Park


Tessie is believed to have been dreamed into being during the victory run of the Boston Americans in the first World Series in 1903. 1 During the era of the curse when the Sox went decades without winning a world series she was largely dormant, making only occasional appearances. Since the Sox world series win in 2004 and the resurgence of the new Dropkick Murphys version as a rally song this potent chimera has been seen regularly, decked out in Sox merchandise and sometimes wandering the stands as a concession vendor.

The prohibition on interference with the games was formally announced by Countess Rianna in 2005 after a spectator’s attempt to gimmix a long fly ball resulted in a broken arm for the caster. Duke Caol reinforced the ban, stating that we should respect the obvious wishes of the genius loci of the park, and do our part to help her care and nurture the glamour of the place without interference.



A Turning Wheel Thantastic