Vassily Mirsk'Varich

Baron of the Fens


Baron Vassily is a recent addition to the nobility of the Duchy, and noteworthy in that he is a Sidhe emigre from Arcadia. His appointment to the Barony of the Fens was announced almost immediately after his arrival, and his enfiefment and investure took place before he was even introduced to his new subjects locals; much rumor and speculation has swirled around him since.

Few if any have gotten close to him, though everyone agrees he has quickly and very firmly asserted his position. Those living in his demesne have grumbled about the increase in activity of his Knight, Wladislav, in their business. None, though, can gainsay his or Wladislav’s effectiveness in action: in just the past few months they successfully rescued Olisander Wyrmharrow from forgetfulness and resolved interference from mundy authorities around the oddness of Tinker’s chrysalis.

Vassily has also garnered a reputation for maintaining an open freehold with generous hosting, but anyone seeking to take him up on the warmth of his hearth should be forewarned that he can be oddly prickly about protocol. His manner can also cause friction with politically liberal guests, as he is clearly a traditionalist and expects common fae to show deference to any titled noble and all Sidhe. All guests are advised to err on the side of politesse and be aware that he is fiercely competitive and will respond to any real or perceived challenge to his authority.

Vassily Mirsk'Varich

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