A pooka knight in service to Baron Vassily


Wladislav is a resident of the Barony of the Fens, and well-known among the locals. Unlike many other Pooka, Wladislav has a more martial character and spent his time as a Childling esquired to the previous Baron Rathmere and was knighted shortly after becoming a Wilder. In the two years since he served as a knight-errant throughout the area and has assisted many locals in resolving their personal problems and acted as a de facto caretaker of the barony after Rathmere died.

Several months back he was sworn to the service of the new Baron of the Fens, Vassily. Some residents of the Fens were angered and complained that Wladislav should have been given control of the barony instead of some unknown Sidhe swanning in from nowhere, but Wladislav himself has never complained and seems happy to be formally sworn to a household. His attitude and the successful (though some would say too firm) administration of the new Baron have quieted most open dissent.

Wladislav has a slightly distant relationship with some others of his kith, for as he himself says “wolves and rabbits may all have fur, but their teeth are different for a reason.”


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