Duchy of Gulping Bay

One of the most prominent fiefs within the Kingdom of Apples, Gulping Bay encompasses near the entirety of Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. Maine falls under the auspices of the Kingdom of Northern Ice. The duchy was so named in reference to the resemblance of the Mass. coastline to a gulping eel or hagfish when viewed in profile, and some jibe darkly that the duchy lives up to its namesake by constantly grabbing at more and more from its neighbors.

The ducal seat is in Boston which is the hub of kithain activity in the region as it is mortal. The very high concentration of fae and the presence of several trods secures its importance practically, the thriving arts and innovation sectors creatively and the history and symbolic importance to American independence and commoner resistance during the Accordance War politically. The duchy is a popular destination for kithain of all stripes given the variety of glamourous resources and options for travel from Boston, so it is also a very cosmopolitan place.

Caol ap Dougal is the current Duke and has served in that post since 1988, making him among the oldest nobles in the region. During his reign the duchy has remained peaceful and improved greatly in commoner/noble relations from its rocky beginnings after the Accordance War. Given the amount of travel in and out of the duchy it is also central to the border security of the Kingdom as a whole, and the Knights of the Bridges that watch over travel are active and respected throughout the kingdom. Several other nobles also maintain households in the area to aid in governing the local population and shepherding the resources of the duchy.

One very important feature of the region is the number of commoner-held freeholds. Duke Caol has done much to support the establishment of new freeholds, so safe havens are generally easier to find than elsewhere.

Duchy of Gulping Bay

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