Knights of the Bridges

The chivalric order specifically tasked with maintaining the security of travelers coming in and out of the Duchy of Gulping Bay and the Kingdom of Apples more broadly.

Unlike many other knightly orders, the majority of the ‘Bridgers – as they are commonly known – have been and are common kithain. This is due to the order’s founding in the 18th century before the return of the Sidhe. The name was given partly in jest as the founders were all Trolls, and continued to be until the 1850s. Since changing immigration patterns have brought more Eshu into the area since the mid-20th century many ’Bridgers have been of that kith.

As this was one of the oldest chivalric orders in Concordia and was doing vital service to protect a major port-of-entry for the region it was quickly granted full standing as a recognized royal order when Queen Mab took the throne. Since being recognized by the Queen the commander of the order has been awarded the title of Count and given holdings befitting the title. This has rankled traditionalist Sidhe who balk at a series of commoners being given such a title, but it has maintained popular support for the Knights and avoided the original accusations of recognition being a ploy to take the ’Bridgers on as a personal police force for nobles to restrict or complicate travel.

The current head of the order is Abdil ibn Sharif and the serving knights are Darien Whitower ap Eiluned, Hod, Hot Fuss, Magda Mountainsdottir and Sufeida Nbo.

Knights of the Bridges

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