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Beltaine is almost here! There are many special events to mark the occasion, including:
- All residents of the Proud City are invited to attend a celebration and reception at Caer Overlook hosted by Viscountess Ailith from 6-9PM.
- From Baron Vassily Mirsk’Varich: With light and life returning, I cordially invite all from the Barony of the Fens to fill my hall with laughter and music. Fine fare and revelry will commence after my lady the Viscountess’ end.
- Marking it’s 3rd anniversary and (hopefully) the 3rd year without any arrests, WyrdScience is defying fire code and sanity with their LocoMotion torchlight run through Boston Common! Fun, prizes and 2nd degree burns are guaranteed to be had by all! Convince Hot Fuss that you aren’t some farking narc and you’ll get details.
- Bethany and Binger are welcoming the first 20 guests to a special sunrise breakfast at Charc from 6:23 – 8 AM for those awake and sober enough to make it.


Profiles and general info on the fine kithain who call Boston home. (Please note that all profiles of the nobility are maintained by the Duke’s Herald as official pages, individuals may also have separate pages below.)
Nobles of Gulping Bay
Denizens of the Duchy

Places to go, things to do

Boston is home to many glamourous places and has a wide variety of pastimes sure to please locals and visitors alike.


Random clutter that may be of interest or note to somebody, sometime…

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