Nobles of Gulping Bay

The Duchy of Gulping Bay

His Grace the Duke, Caol ap Dougal.
And his household retainers:
His Herald, the Lady Allisoun Lethe,
Dominic Honeytongue as Bard

The County of the Proud City

Her Ladyship the Viscountess,Ailith Trueheart lin Dougal.
And her household retainers:
Chamberlain to Her Eminence the Countess Rianna Fearclas ap Eiluned and in her absence Regent acting for the Viscountess, the worthy Mamp Cordwainer,
Ser Selwyn Guldendawn ap Gwydion and
Kaelin Granforge ap Fiona, her loyal Knights and
goodly Billy Crakehall, the Reeve.

The Count of Bridges

His Eminence the Count,Abdil ibn Sharif.
Seneschal for the Count, theDame Deannara and
Bismuth Torte acting as Reeve.

The Count also coordinates the efforts of the noble Knights of the Bridges, currently:
Darien Whitower ap Eiluned
Hot Fuss
Magda Mountainsdottir

The Barony of the Fens

The Baron, Vassily Mirsk’Varich.
The worthy Wladislav, his knight.
Rathmere ap Fiona of blessed memory, former Baron, deceased 2010.

The Barony of Beacon Hill

The Baron, Ryman Thorn ap Ailil.
His Reeve, Anastasia
and loyal Thane Grom Hoelbrak.

The Barony of Scholar’s Walk

The Baron, Thierry Harcourt ap Fiona.
Acting as Reeve, Squire Thorndike

The Barony of Bywater

The Baroness Gerta Jotunsbane ap Gwydion
served by the skilled Bellflower as Reeve

Nobles of Gulping Bay

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