Taken from the “About Us” section of www.wyrdscience.con

WyrdScience is the furkin’ best motley of Nocker savants and artistes in the mundy world, and to prove our genius to the masses we accept orders for wonders of chimerical programming, architecture, interior design, weapons manufacture (just kidding Duke!), ornithopter repair and sex toys from all you sad, benighted kith out there.

To schedule a consultation leave your contact info along with a huge pile of dross, unmarked bills, craft beer (Boggan- or Eshu-made is acceptable, none of that Trollish pish-water, though I guess some of their mead isn’t completely undrinkable…) outside the Miracle of Science near MIT after 2AM or use email like anyone not a cuck-farmer still living in the 14th century.



A Turning Wheel Thantastic