Olisander Wyrmharrow

Veteran of the Accordance War, local hero, past his prime.


Olisander headed up the Boston Commons 1st heavy infantry and his squad saw some of the worst fighting during the Accordance War. Although he doesn’t like talking about it, it’s common knowledge that his group killed a fair number of Sidhe in the Appalachian campaign as well as some of his own friends who were royalists. He earned the name Wyrmharrow when he brought down the mountain drake Skathmandrax that a group of Eiluned mages had roused to help their side; that fight also saw the rest of his unit fall and Olisander barely make it out with his hide, but by depriving the nobles of that ally he helped prevent them from sweeping down on a retreating column.

He was a war hero, but the banality incurred from the slaughter of so many other fae and chimera wore him down. The Night of Iron Knives broke him: he could never forgive the treason and even after the Accord he could never really accept the re-establishment of the nobility. Olisander’s attitude has kept him on the fringes of most local kithain society, and his disgust at those who would use him as a figure to rally ongoing dissent keeps him distant from even the radicals. Long-time residents who know his history respect Olisander’s sacrifice, but his standoffish nature makes it hard to help him keep himself, and many fear he will soon forget himself entirely.

In just the last year he’s been rescued twice, including once by Baron Vassily and Wladislav but still he refuses to stay at any of the freeholds, preferring to keep the company of his own ghosts.

Olisander Wyrmharrow

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