Roisin Fife

One half of the dynamic duo running the Inn Betweener


Given the Irish immigrants and history the South End has been home to a fair number of Clurichaun over the years and the Inn Betweener has been in their care since its founding in 1843. Roisin’s family – both kith- and kinain – have owned and run the Inn since and Rosie took the reins in 2002. Her husband Breaccan helps out behind the bar and in organizing the musicians, but she’s definitely the one running the show.

Recently having ticked over into grumphood Roisin has lost some of the rowdiness of youth, but is still puckish in a gentle way and very tolerant of boisterous behavior, so long as no one gets hurt and nothing gets broken that takes more than a few minutes to mend. Her tolerance has maintained the Inn as a popular hangout for even Unseelie patrons, and is one of the few bars on the block that still lets Padruig Ban in. However, what she rolls her eyes at in public always results in at least a short lecture in private some other time and she does encourage people to curb their anti-social activities if given the chance.

The one exception to Roisin’s generally permissive attitude is anything that she sees as threatening her daughters Mairi and Medb. As both are kinain (at least neither of them has undergone a chrysalis yet…) Roisin is keenly aware that they’re extremely vulnerable if some of her fae patrons get out of line and so guards them like a lioness.

Roisin Fife

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