Ryman Thorn ap Ailil

Sidhe Baron of Beacon Hill


Compared with other members of the local nobility Ryman comes off as the most straightforward: he’s busy neutralizing threats to his residents and doing justice when holding court sessions. He has no tolerance for incompetence and – at times – an acid tongue when he sees failure, but he applies that criticality to noble and commoner alike and to himself as well. He sets a high standard and will be damned if he can’t see it met.

The only time Ryman fully adopts the formalities and politicking most expect from the Sidhe is when he is present in either the county or ducal households. In such circumstances he is all easy elegance and subltety and is by far the most influential of the area’s barons. His words carry weight with Duke Caol and Viscountess Ailith respects all the work he does to help keep the county secure and the chimerical threats contained.

His prominence is not liked by all, as he came to Boston a stranger and rumors persist that he was awarded his barony only as the result of “politics” in and around the royal court of [[:King Balinon]]. Opinions are split between him being an slightly atypical but generally worthy lordling or the devil himself in a tailored clothes, with the former generally writing off the latter. Ryman literally provides for his retainers – he is apparently personally wealthy but here again there are any number of theories as to where his money comes from – and has provided some discreet assistance to a few, and it all adds up to a “too-good-to-be-true” argument for some. One of his chief doubters is SEr Selwyn, but even that prickly Gwydion hasn’t been able to catch him out, and most write it off as more of Selwyn’s traditionalist prejudice against Ryman’s House.

Ryman Thorn ap Ailil

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