Thierry Harcourt ap Fiona

Sidhe Baron of Scholar's Walk


There is a caricature of the Unseelie Fiona noble – young, arrogant and self-satisfied – that has been popular in song and story as a rake, fop and romantic madman for hundreds of years, but if you’ve met Thierry in person you likely believe each one of those works was written about him. Even the natural vanity of the Sidhe doesn’t explain the narcissism of the young Baron, who is content to spend his time fighting, drinking and screwing while leaving the daily affairs of his demesne to the ministrations of his reeve, Thorndike, who also shares his master’s appetites.

Much of his time in the summer months is spent traveling Concordia to attend (and often win) tourneys, and Thierry has a reputation as one of the finest blades in the Kingdom of Apples and has unseated many a more seasoned knight in the lists. His winnings and fame serve him well at the courts of others and he spends little time and attention to his own. Although certainly aware of the wildness – some would say sinister – feeling that has settled in to his demesne over time, he’s confident he can handle any problems and that it’s honestly better for other kith to go on about their business in a freer and happier barony.

Unfortunately Thierry’s ego is well-protected by the fact that in his mortal lie Thierry was an olympic fencer and still runs exclusive classes in the Boston area. He’s not afraid to challenge people – really just about any people – to duels if they offend him as he’s more than capable of handling himself.

So long as the barony avoids open revolt, he can party when he feels like it and still make it to the tourney’s Thierry is a very happy man. No one has seen things not go his way, though, so there’s no saying what he’s like when he’s unhappy…

Thierry Harcourt ap Fiona

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